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Being a dreamer of better future is not enough. You must work relentlessly towards making it a reality and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown. ― Peter Dragar

cFolio, beta testing
Beta testing should start around mid-February. Everyone interested in this project can apply for being a tester at “creative(at)anim.tech”. May the Force be with you.
#cryptocurency #bitcoin #ethereum #wallet #testing


cFolio, framework
Building a framework which is stripped of all redundant functionality and unnecessary bits of information.
#cryptocurency #bitcoin #ethereum #wallet #testing


cFolio, concept
The 1st official project is a portfolio for the cryptocurrency. It shows the value of all your crypto coins (Ethereum, Bitcoin, BCH Cash and all Ether tokens) in one place. Stripped of all redundant functionality and unnecessary bits of information. Pure UX joy!
#cryptocurency #bitcoin #ethereum #wallet #concept #vision


New web page
The official launch of the anim.tech page together with a long-awaited blog section. It is AMP validated, without any adverts and unnecessary copy-texts.
#webpage #creative #blog #official


anim.tech is alive!
Anim.tech is a small dedicated group of creative-minded souls. Our projects will show that UX works of the users, by the users, for the users. (Peter Dragar CEO)
#UX #creative #animtech #official


CPO at Edition Digital ltd
Edition Digital is an award-winning publishing software which unifies all crucial points of effective digital publishing; creating, managing, distributing, monetising and analysing. To create a UX framework and develop such a system would not have been possible without really talented developers. ED workflow reflects 2016 google material design at its best. I am keeping my position at Edition Digital as a part-time developer and software consultant. (Peter Dragar)
#editiondigital #digital #publishing #ed


Graphic Designer and Head of development at Citadela
Looking back at those early days in Citadela d.o.o., what can I say? Many challenges and fun projects from DTP adverts, HTML sites, video post-production, animations to 3D modelling and 3D animations. However, one project stood up: Atlas Editorial System which has been in use since 2005 and after 12 years is still operational! OMG, to create such a legacy you have to be part of an amazing group of talented developers. (Peter Dragar)
#3D #animations #atlas #webpage #dtp