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Being a dreamer of a better future is not enough. You must work relentlessly towards making it a reality and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.― Peter Dragar

Give Corona no chance! Stay home!
The best thing you can do to fight coronavirus? #StayHome, and give our Health Service a chance to fight for each patient.
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Anim.tech various work
Past months have been exhausted. Different projects based on different technologies solutions, and switching between them daily, have produced some exciting results, lol.
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cFolio, API calls and better UX
The app is being tested. The updated API calls are done to support up to 100 cryptocurrencies and the only thing missing is a better UX in adding assets. After beta testing, an overall graphical artwork look will have been started.
#cryptocurency #bitcoin #ethereum #wallet #testing #ux #api


Anim.tech various work
It has been a busy spring and the start of the summer. So many different tasks that I had to postpone the further development of the cFolio App. In August I am planning to finish this app and start with the first batch of beta testers. May the Force be with you.
#anim.tech #dtp #development


cFolio, UI & Graphical template
The app uses JavaScript frontend technology, it is a web-progressive with a ServiceWorker for offline viewing and API calls for right crypto coin prices. Thank you, Apple for including a ServiceWorker in latest Safari release.
#cryptocurency #bitcoin #ethereum #wallet #testing #ui #design


New web page
The official launch of the anim.tech page together with a long-awaited blog section. It is AMP validated, without any adverts and unnecessary copy-texts.
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anim.tech is alive!
Anim.tech is a small dedicated group of creative-minded souls. Our projects will show that UX works of the users, by the users, for the users. (Peter Dragar CEO)
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CPO at Edition Digital ltd
Edition Digital is an award-winning publishing software which unifies all crucial points of effective digital publishing; creating, managing, distributing, monetising and analysing. To create a UX framework and develop such a system would not have been possible without really talented developers. ED workflow reflects 2016 google material design at its best. I am keeping my position at Edition Digital as a part-time developer and software consultant. (Peter Dragar)
#editiondigital #digital #publishing #ed


Graphic Designer and Head of development at Citadela
Looking back at those early days in Citadela d.o.o., what can I say? Many challenges and fun projects from DTP adverts, HTML sites, video post-production, animations to 3D modelling and 3D animations. However, one project stood up: Atlas Editorial System which has been in use since 2005 and after 12 years is still operational! OMG, to create such a legacy you have to be part of an amazing group of talented developers. (Peter Dragar)
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