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Being a dreamer of a better future is not enough. You must work relentlessly towards making it a reality and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.― Peter Dragar
Q3 onward2023

Sell Your Handmade Furniture Online
Are you a woodworker looking to sell your handmade furniture online? Our new 3D platform makes it easy to reach new customers and sell your furniture quickly and easily. With our sollution, you can create listings for your furniture, configure furniture’s dimension with detailed descriptions, photos, and videos all in 3D with a map floor.

And our team takes care of everything, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Happy woodmaking!
#3d #woodmakers #furniture #ecommerce #webgl #web3

2023 Q12023

Happy 2023, Open AI
The past months have been one of the most intriguing of my life. Testing Open AI and chanting with chatGPT gave me a new perspective on products in demand in 2023.
#OpenAI #ChatGPT #web3

2022 Q32022

My Bot
Finally, a project I've been working on is out, and it hit initial testing. It is a bot, and it understands a language. The team I have been working alongside on our project are confident it will be ready sometime in the middle of 2023.
#webapp #TypeScript #web3 #bot


What a year it was!
It has been a while since I've written anything here, but what a year it was! Web3, Angular and TypeScript was my main focus in the past year. And I switched my opinion about Angular entirely. I used to think that nobody could handle big Angular projects. However, with the proper libraries and creative programming, Angular can be a beast!
#Angular #TypeScript #web3


Stay safe and healthy!
The best thing you can do to fight coronavirus when a health service system is overrun is to be patient and give our health service a chance to fight for each patient. Stay safe and healthy!
#besafe #stayhome #covid19


Anim.tech various work
Past months have been exhausted. Different projects based on different technologies solutions, and switching between them daily, have produced some exciting results, lol.
#anim.tech #dtp #development


cFolio, API calls and better UX
The app is being tested. The updated API calls are done to support up to 100 cryptocurrencies and the only thing missing is a better UX in adding assets. After beta testing, an overall graphical artwork look will have been started.
#cryptocurency #bitcoin #ethereum #wallet #testing #ux #api


Anim.tech various work
It has been a busy spring and the start of the summer. So many different tasks that I had to postpone the further development of the cFolio App. In August I am planning to finish this app and start with the first batch of beta testers. May the Force be with you.
#anim.tech #dtp #development


cFolio, UI & Graphical template
The app uses JavaScript frontend technology, it is a web-progressive with a ServiceWorker for offline viewing and API calls for right crypto coin prices. Thank you, Apple for including a ServiceWorker in latest Safari release.
#cryptocurency #bitcoin #ethereum #wallet #testing #ui #design


New web page
The official launch of the anim.tech page together with a long-awaited blog section. It is AMP validated, without any adverts and unnecessary copy-texts.
#webpage #creative #blog #official


anim.tech is alive!
Anim.tech is a small dedicated group of creative-minded souls. Our projects will show that UX works of the users, by the users, for the users. (Peter Dragar CEO)
#UX #creative #animtech #official


CPO at Edition Digital ltd
Edition Digital is an award-winning publishing software which unifies all crucial points of effective digital publishing; creating, managing, distributing, monetising and analysing. To create a UX framework and develop such a system would not have been possible without really talented developers. ED workflow reflects 2016 google material design at its best. I am keeping my position at Edition Digital as a part-time developer and software consultant. (Peter Dragar)
#editiondigital #digital #publishing #ed


Graphic Designer and Head of development at Citadela
Looking back at those early days in Citadela d.o.o., what can I say? Many challenges and fun projects from DTP adverts, HTML sites, video post-production, animations to 3D modelling and 3D animations. However, one project stood up: Atlas Editorial System which has been in use since 2005 and after 12 years is still operational! OMG, to create such a legacy you have to be part of an amazing group of talented developers. (Peter Dragar)
#3D #animations #atlas #webpage #dtp




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